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Connect with your artistic self

June 27, 2014

Disconnect from your wired life with these things to do in Hocking Hills

Being plugged in 24/7 might be a reality in today’s world, but in Hocking Hills, we move at a little slower pace. After a long day of hiking, canoeing, ziplining, horseback riding and other adventures, we like to unwind by exploring our creative side. Whether learning a new craft like glass bead making or brushing up on old photography skills, there’s no shortage of classes and workshops to bring out your inner artist.

We sat down with the Hocking Hills Tourism Association Operations Director, Audrey Martin, to talk about the unique art opportunities in the area, as well as her own contributions to promoting our visitors’ creative side.

Hocking Hills Tourism Association: What class do you teach in Hocking Hills?

Audrey Martin: I created a two-hour stained glass workshop that teaches students the process of creating stained glass, from making the pattern to the glass cutting.


HHTA: What level of experience are most of your students at?

AM: They typically have never cut glass before. They love stained glass, but they have no idea the steps involved. This gives them a little taste and lets them see if they are interested enough to take on larger projects.

Things to do in Hocking Hills

HHTA: Do you offer more advanced classes for those who fall in love with stained glass?

AM: Yes, I have several different groups that come back year after year, and each year I create something to step it up a little for them. I have a group of six ladies who come once a year and have come back three times. By letting me know who they were and that they’ve done it before, I was able to create a more difficult level for them each time.


HHTA: Is the class time flexible?

AM: This year I started holding it after hours in addition to Saturdays because there seemed to be a need for people who wanted to do something in the evenings after hiking. We’ve had a great response. I try to be available or create different times for whoever is interested.


HHTA: Do you think having art in addition to all of the recreational things to do in the Hocking Hills has a certain value for visitors?

AM: I think it adds tremendous value. They get to see the beautiful nature, but then they get to work on their own creative side. Many people don’t believe themselves to be creative, but they truly are. Once they go through some of these classes, it gets their juices flowing. They take it home and apply it to other areas of their life. It’s just the full gamut—hiking as well as creativity.

Everybody has a little creative side. Then to be able to bring it out and show them they really do have a talent or a creative side I think it’s of tremendous importance as they’re vacationing and even as self awareness. Confidence building goes into that, too. If they’ve never really had someone show them the steps and now they’ve done it, it just increases their own awareness allows them to know what their abilities are.

Check out more classes, workshops and things to do in Hocking Hills

Hot glass classes at the Ohio Glass Museum

The Ohio Glass Museums offer one-day up to multi-week glass blowing classes, with instruction on creating your own art like blown glass ornaments, “pulled” glass flowers  and progressing to more advanced projects through Glass I and Glass II.

Photography group at the Bowen House

The Bowen House photography group meets the second Tuesday of every month and focuses on intermediate and advanced photography.

Candle Making at Hocking Hills Candleworks

Mix and match fragrances to create your personally scented, one-of-a-kind pure soy candle in about one hour.

 Jividens’ Photo Adventures

Sign up for nature photography workshops with certified instructors Jerry and Barbara Jividen include field lessons, PowerPoint, handouts, equipment demonstrations, 35mm and digital cameras.The Jividens provide hands-on educational opportunities in the field of nature and wildlife photography.

Liquid Light Fine Arts Workshops

Take on beginner bead making. Learn to melt colorful glass into beads using tools and a burner in this one-hour class.

Craft Workshops at Scenic Way Gifts

Try out a class on beginner stained glass, decorative soldier techniques or painting on glass with glass. Ranging for two to four hours, these workshops offer knowledge and skills to add a creative touch to your own stained glass project.

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