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Treat your employees to a retreat in Hocking Hills cabins

December 19, 2014

Help your team communicate and work better together in the new year with a retreat

The closing of another year signals a time for reflection, both personally and professionally. When it comes to the workplace, leaders and managers are often left pondering what could have been done better, how to improve in the new year and how to get the office working together more productively (and sometimes more harmoniously).

It’s no surprise that many co-workers don’t function perfectly as a team. In the daily hustle of the workplace, it can be challenging for employees to find time to form meaningful relationships each other or even to build new skills.

When that happens, a team retreat can often be an effective way to both build team morale, and bring out talents and skills employees didn’t even know they had. 

Why? Workplace team building not only dedicates time exclusively to developing new skills, but also encourages bonding with colleagues in the process. In turn, facilitating bonding leads to building better relationships in the office environment. Facing the same challenge together also spurs collaboration and trust. 

Spending time together, away from the stress and pressures of the office, (and the fatigue of being constantly connected to the world) can be the perfect beginning of a new year.

Instagram / @tony_B312

Instagram / @tony_B312

Disconnect from your wired self

Turning off cell phones and closing laptops is the first step to decompressing and, in turn, connecting with team members. Even without team building activities or an agenda, the simple act of leaving email for the office hours can benefit your team. 

If you want co-workers to connect with their artistic side, there are plenty of opportunities to explore their creativity in Hocking Hills. Whether learning a new craft, such as glass bead making, or brushing up on old photography skills, there’s no shortage of classes and workshops to bring out your inner artist.

Learn to communicate—on the fly.

It’s crucial that co-workers and leaders get to know each other’s stories, not just their job title. Each person brings individual experiences, outlooks and values to the table. By getting the team out of the office, co-workers can communicate more freely and connect beyond surface level. 

In fact, an MIT study featuring a bank call center found that, “the best predictors of productivity were a team’s energy and engagement outside formal meetings. Together those two factors explained one-third of the variations in dollar productivity among groups.” 

In the Hocking Hills, you’ll discover countless opportunities for co-workers to stretch their own comfort zones and build self-confidence. Try hiking, canoeing, horseback riding on for size. Teams can even take a canopy tour of Southeast Ohio as they zipline through the treetops on a network of cables and adventure skybridges suspended high above the forest floor.

Instagram / @emguenth

Instagram / @emguenth

Spend quality time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and co-workers don’t become a team in a matter of hours. Carving out intentional time for a weekend rather than one day can mean the difference between a fun day out of the office, and a whole new work environment. You’ll find hundreds of Hocking Hills cabins for any size team or special need. Whether you want a cabin for more than 20 people, or cozy individual cabins for each employee to enjoy some peace and quiet, you’ll find it here. 

Start your Hocking Hills cabin search now to start planning your team’s retreat.

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