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Guest Blogger Program

Share Your Love for Hocking Hills – Be A Hocking Hills Guest Blogger!

Just got back from the Hocking Hills and can’t wait to tell others about your adventures? Are you planning a trip to the Hocking Hills soon and want to share your amazing time? Do you love to document your life through social media, video, writing and/or photos? If so, then we’re looking for your help! We’re asking our loyal Hocking Hills fans to help us share why they love our region.

We’re accepting guest blogger submissions! We’d love to see what you think of Hocking Hills – all the fun facts, tips, secrets and adventures you want to share. Capture your experience (through words or video) and send it to us for potential inclusion here, on our blog.

What we’re looking for in a written blog post:

  • 400 – 500 words of original, descriptive and personal content about your Hocking Hills travel experience. Articles must be well-written and family-friendly in content and tone.
  • 2-3 photos, and captions that can be used to enhance the blog post. If the photos are not your own, please be sure that you have permission or license to use the images.
  • A title and any keywords to describe your blog post.
  • Relevant links within the post to events, places visited, etc. We will approve these links before published.
  • Ability/desire to share blog content on a personal blog or your other social media outlets, including Facebook, Tumblr, online communities, Twitter, etc.

Prefer to document your experience through video? Here are our guidelines for a video post:

  • 2 – 5 minutes of video that is original, descriptive and personal about your Hocking Hills travel. Videos must be family-friendly in content and tone.
  • A title, brief description (100 words or less) and any keywords to describe your video
  • Ability/desire to share blog content to a personal blog or other social media outlet, including Facebook, Tumblr, online communities, Twitter, etc.
  • Video must be posted on YouTube or Vimeo. Send us the link and we will embed the video in the post.

Here are some guest blog posts that have already been featured. 

Next steps:

Each month, we’ll select posts and publish them here, and promote them on Facebook and Twitter. Please do not be discouraged if we don’t accept your blog post right away. We’ll confirm and acknowledge each guest blogger request received and will let you know if your post has been selected.

To apply, please send the following information and written or video (via link) blog post submission to


City:              State:     Zip:

Email Address:

URL for your blog (if applicable):

Twitter ID (if applicable):

Facebook ID (if applicable):

Other social media presence:

How can you be contacted if readers have questions/comments about your post?

Do you agree to check back with the blog for the 7 day period following your posting to respond to any questions left in the comments section?

Have you ever been a guest blogger before? If so, where?

Are you interested in and able to share your post via your personal social media channels?

Your submission:

  • Please provide a short description of yourself. Feel free to share anything, including your hobbies, where you’re from, what you do, or anything you love about Hocking Hills.
  • Photo of you (optional)

Submission for written post:

  • Title
  • Written article (400-500 words with relevant links)
  • Keywords
  • Photo(s) and caption(s) (to go with written post)

Submission for video post:

  • Title
  • Brief description of video (100 words or less)
  • Keywords
  • Video link and caption (via YouTube or Vimeo)


The guest blogger maintains ownership of the blog post, but grants to the Hocking Hills Tourism Association and our partners a license for use of any and all blog content, including text, photos and videos. Guest bloggers warrant that they have permission to use any images, photos, videos and other media included in all blog entries submitted. Guest blogger is responsible for compliance with all FTC rules and guidelines regarding disclosure of incentives when posting.

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